The Drunken Dragon

           So for my 48-hour, last minute trip home to Miami, there was only one very special place I had heard about that i planned on visiting but somehow I luckily stumbled upon quite a few. With that being said, countless rumors (that made me want to gossip as well) was all about another “secret” SoBe spot- “the Market”. Well if you didn’t already know, I have it all right here for you to sip on. “The Market” on Alton and 14th, is nothing but a market but is the most divine and upscale Korean BBQ place that immediately jumped to the top of “My Favorite Restaurants” list, might even be the new number one, yes, that serious.

        Owned by the owners of Foxhole, the actual restaurant, Drunken Dragon, does nothing but intoxicate tastebuds with flavor, in the extremely dark and beautifully provocative lighting. The sensually rustic and modern feel only builds anticipation as men and women come for date night or their meal pregame before hitting the night. So after hearing so much from fellow bloggers about the spot, I decided to put in a reservation and found that the ironically popular place wasnt going to sit us immediately, so we floated to the bar where not only customers could drink amazing cocktails but eat as well. The cocktail menu consisted of anything but traditional drinks and started to make me wonder if Broken Shaker had anything to do with this place too, atleast their Asian persuasion employees to say the least.

     When we were seated almost 45-minutes later, the room got even darker and the music got louder. Seating options included stove top tables and regular seating, but as we got hungry we were more then satisfied with either one. The taste bud frenzy includes an array of skewers, noodles. short ribs, buns, grilled meat cuts and other traditional items. But I must say as much as I knew this was BBQ, all of a sudden BBQ was a delicacy, even our edamame was grilled with salt, pepper and sugar to perfection.. Yes edamame. So as much as i feel comfortable recommending things I didn’t even try, I will go ahead and say that the Cracked Spare Ribs with a sweet coating of glazed coconut, cooked with tender love and care is a must try. But unfortunately, I think it is only right to stop there and I’ll pass forth the secrecy and anticipation of The Drunken Dragon, you’ll have to get drunk on it for yourself.

Address-1424 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Hours- Friday & Saturday 6pm- 1am

              Sunday – Thursday 6pm – 12am




Yours Truly,

the Miami foodie and enthusiast