Enchanting Creations

Nestled in the gem of Miami Shores, the downtown area on 2nd Avenue has ton of mom- and- pop businesses in which many residents of the community supports. From a butcher with awesome sausages, their own Miami Shores retail store, a gym, French restaurant and even a gourmet goods store, there is something for everyone. But off the side of 2nd Avenue on 98th street is the most unique gem of them all. What do Misha’s, Buttercream, and Cake by Design have in common? They’re simply not Enchanting Creations. Enchanting Creations may seem like your local cupcake and bake shop, but the real specialty of the shop may go missed if you don’t explore their cake options. The cake designer not only just specializes in your traditional baked goods, but has brought a whole new name to your special occasion cake. Karen Matamoros doesn’t stop at gorgeous wedding cakes that their tiers look fancier then your dress, or your traditional flawless fondant birthday cake, but she specializes in “3D” cakes. I know what you’re thinking: “I didn’t even know what 3D cakes were in the first place”.. well I’m almost 99% sure you did but haven’t really seen a fantastic one and boy, does it come to her naturally. Have a bachelorette party who the bride is obsessed with Loubitons but can’t afford them for her? Well Karen will whip one up for you, literally. Karen can practically make anything out of cake, and forget the red and blue glasses, you’ll be using your own eyes to question if that is really made out of cake. You can even leave out your dummy tiers and Styrofoam; you can eat her cakes completely, even her figurines. (but I promise they’ll be so perfect that you really won’t want to). She’s created cakes for tons of locals, parties and events large and small, and has even been challenged with the fun of shipping a dinosaur cake over to NYC for a history-buff. If you visualize it, she’ll bring it to life. You’ll be able to eat it too and that’s the greatest part. Not only do her cakes look too good to be cake but I promise that the vanilla cake and guava filling inside tastes just as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. You’ll just have to eat it to believe it.

Gearing to her baked goods, she does offer your daily delicious cupcakes that you can just stop by or even order for that family dinner on Sunday. Why not stop by for some daily cafe specialties like her turkey croissant sandwich, caramel drizzled brownies, huge chocolate chip cookies  or my favorite: her melt-in-your-mouth dulce de leche covered blondies (your anti-chocolate brownies). So next time you’re craving a cupcake or about to pick up a quick cake a Publix for your best friend, give the gift of something sweet and thoughtful with a customized cake to reflect them or maybe some cake pops instead at your local bakery. Grab a coffee there while you sip on her enchanting ideas!

Address: 210 NE 98th st. Miami Shores, Fl 33138

website: www.enchantingcreations.net

phone: (305)-978-2828

Must try- Their blondies and rum infused coconut cupcakes!

Yours Truly,

Your Local Business Lover


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