One of my newest and favorite spots for dinner is Little Haiti’s best kept secret- with that being said, I hope you find Fiorito and let it warm your foodie souls. Fiorito is a combination of Italian and Spanish cuisine mixed with the genuineness of Argentinean fare, serving all your home-cooked favorites to perfection. Not Argentinian?- Me either, but after coming here I wish I was. From melt-in-your-mouth Milanesa, grilled octopus, tuna empanadas,Corvina a la plancha, orgasmic butternut squash soup, traditional churrasco and chorizo and more, they’re definitely serving traditional home meals to perfection. Forget the fancy steak being served around on huge skewers or anything steakhouse-like, just authentic, gourmet delicacies that they have mastered. You know that amazing italian place that you like? Well imagine as if it was Argentinian,- that would be Fiorito. The quaint place is charming, dimly-lit with wooden furniture, giving the sensual yet cottage-like feel Add on its Argentianian hospitality and it makes it even more memorable. It’s become quite the happening spot and just like any other Hispanics, they’re running on Latin time. The restaurant gets packed around 9pm at it’s peak, so make sure you have a reservation or plan accordingly.

Address:5555 NE 2nd Avenue |Miami, FL 33137

Phone:(305) 754-2899


Favorites:Pork Confit infused with orange and rosemary with a side of calabaza mash 

Yours Truly,

The Argentinian Wannabe

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