Coyo Taco Wynwood

So after months of their existence and visiting up their speakeasy a few times, I’m very surprised that it took me this long to hop on the Coyo Craze- Coyo Taqueria in Wynwood that is. As the Mexican cuisine-lover that I am (and I’m sure many of you are aware of), the industrial taco shop has reinvented the taco taking authenticity and sprinkling on some marvelous modern touches. The taco shop has all of their corn tortillas pressed by order and make your mouth wonder if your in Mexico as your tastebuds encounter the modern twists of fun ingredients. Try their decadent duck tacos or charred octopus choice- all melt-in-your-mouth, all living up to the talk. Coyo also outdoes all the “bowl” options you may have had (no Chipotle shamming here, just the truth) by simply converting your taco of choice to a burrito bowl or salad. And before you rush back to Wood Tavern check out their sides because its not just revitalized tacos here- side your taco stop with Esquite Corn on the Cob, Cebollitas Asada (charred chambray onions), or even a Guacamole Bowl with rice, beans and pico de gallo. And last but not least, my favorite part is behind closed doors: make sure to check out their speak easy through the “Employees Only” door on your way out- or should I say your way in.

Coyo Taco

2300 NW 2nd Ave.

Miami, Fl 33127

Mon-Sun 11am- 11pm

Yours Truly,

The Mexican Snob

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