Burlock Coast- The Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale

For the chillest, boozy brunch i would recommend no other then being beachside at the Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale. This brunch is not your basic Sunday brunch leaving between a little too full and a tad too happy, but a morning full of bottomless amazing cocktails like Rum Punches, Hawaiian Old Fashions and bubbly mimosas with a side delectable brunch favorites. With many options to share amongst the table, choose between many favorites like oyster specials, seafood towers, fresh ceviche served with Tarro chips or a decadent charcuterie board with peach vanilla jam. Keep sipping seaside on your second round for your second course of traditional brunch entrees like a light vegetable egg white omelet, crispy grouper sandwich, sassy huevos ranchos or Zaks Brioche French Toast sandwich. Wait, did I just say Zak the Baker bread? Wait did I just say sandwich? Yes and yes, this One Hungryy Girl said yes. Not only does the Ritz live up to its reputable (and global) expectations but it brings forth a community presence with local ingredients. Now doesn’t that just sound like the most well-rounded brunch you can have? #bougie&boozy #brunchplans