Chimy Churry Grill

Hidden away in Hallandale, sits an Argentinian grill nothing short of delicious. New to the neighborhood, Chimy Churry Grill offers everything Argentinean with breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch and happy hour menus. As the 3-month old establishment hides away in a Hallandale plaza, do not let it’s location fool you- the relaxed and modern grill offers traditional empanadas, steaks, milanesas, fish, wines and more. To get into the delicious details, you can start your experience with the Proveleta Chimy Churry: grilled provolone cheese topped with spanish chorizo, salsa criolla & arugula or the Mollejas a la Parrilla (Grilled Sweetbreads). Next, chimmy your way into the main course with a traditional Milanesa De Carne Napolitana- a breaded steak topped with fresh mozzarella, ham, tomato sauce and tomatoes. Stuffed? No worries, ChimyChurry will make sure you have room for dessert. Our recommendation? the Pavlova De Frutas – a merengue with layers of chantilly cream and dulce de leche, topped with wild berries coulis. Staying true to their country, Chimy Churry Grill also has live music on Fridays with folklore and with latin pop- but make sure come hungry with your reservation confirmed, they always have a full house!