Gran Paris Bakery

Cuban food in Miami is the ultimate staple to everyday life no matter your origin, whether you’re picking up your morning cortadito, pigging out on pastelitos, or stopping by your mom’s for her famous Arroz Con Pollo, it’s everywhere. When it comes to eating out, we all have our favorites like Vicky Bakery and the Breadman but there is another older player in the game making quite the impression, one that speaks Spanglish and French. Yes, I said it. Gran Paris Bakery is Miami’s twist on a traditional Cuban bakery. Not only can you satisfy your craving for croquettas and their Vaca Frita lunch specials but you can also stop by for Macaroons, mousses and eclairs that will having you say “oh la la!”. They’re a great option for an afternoon sweet tooth, catered birthday, or just a few papa rellenas to go. Our favorite you ask? Without fail, they’re chicken croquettas complete my life while their coco pastellito with a chocolate drizzle, sweetens it.

Gran Paris is a family-owned and family operated company for the last three generations, no wonder it feels like abuela brought home a piece of Paris.