Ms. Bunnie Cakes

As Miami may be it’s form of Dessert Wars with an endless amount of places for your afternoon gluttonous splurge, all those who reside here have their own sweet preference. Whether it is a donut shop, homemade ice cream or even cookies, I, myself, am more then proud to say that mine my appear to be the icing on the cake, but its actualyl good for you.

As seen on the tv (yes, the Food Network), Bunnie Cakes bakery holds some  of the most delicious cupcakes in town- and get this, every single one of them are vegan. Ms. Bunnie has found harmony between taste and health offering tons animal-loving flavors from Banana Chocolate Chocolate to Cookie Dough, Guava, Passion Fruit and more. And it gets better, more then half of those flavors are gluten-free as well. Other guiltless treats include cinnamon rolls, empanadas, creme brulee, “Sin Tres Leches” and vegan gelato. I guess eating clean is really the way to be!