Chipotle has my heart and all, but Mexican bowls are out and the fish ones are swimming in. No, Chipotle hasn’t traded in its carnitas for fish tacos, but MyCeviche has changed huge bowls of goodness, forever. There are plenty of fish in Miami and MyCeviche is schooling them all!

MyCeviche is the fix for your fresh, fast seafood on-the-go. Recently opening their 6th location in Midtown Miami, the chain has become a hit with their wild caught fish served Chipotle style. Not catching on? Choose between a burrito, burrito bowl, ceviche bowl, ceviche mix, tacos or salad and then choose your base of greens, coconut jasmine rice or cilantro quinoa. Next up, slide on over to your choice of fresh seafood (or chicken) and scoot a few more inches down the line for your fresh tropical toppings like sweet corn, queso fresco, onions, avocado and more.

Now how fresh is that? MyCeviche has got the right idea, and now you have yours for your next lunch outing!