The Daily Creative

There’s nothing that I love more then an awesome lunch spot with many options and The Daily Creative Food Comapn provides that menu.. on steroids. With their original location located on 20th and Biscayne, the newspaper-themed spot presents the ultimate Miami menu (literallyyy..) with hundreds of soup, salad and sandwich options all corkily named after 305 landmarks. Trendy items include the Grove Kale Salad, Sun Sentinel Turkey Club, the Cuban Photographer Panini, Miami Vice Breakfast and more. Not only do the insane amount of choices all hit the spot, but the New York-style eatery’s portions follow Miami’s nature to the tee: “Bigger the Better”. For a personal favorite, I recommend their Parmesean fries and Sobe Tuna Salad. Oh yea, and come starving or leave with leftovers.