Yoko Matcha

Matcha madness has officially come over me thanks to the South Florida-based Yoko Matcha food truck. Just recently taking the open road this past October, Yoko Matcha is Miami’s first Matcha cafe introducing the 305 to the superfood we all needed. With serving ceremonial grade matcha sourced directly from Japan, this superfood is high in antioxidants averaging about 170 times of green tea, provides jtter-free energy with one cup equal to 10 cups of green tea, increases focus, is rich in antioxidants and also serves as a fat burner.

Thanks to the founders Chie Dambara and Evelyn Vigistain, Yoko Matcha has made everyone want to #matchaconmingo (or should we say #matchaconellos). By taking Bambara’s home country’s delicacy and adding some Miami flare, Yoko Matcha, serves the super food in a variety of ways to suit just about anyone’s liking. Take a sip of the the Matchalada, Matcha con Leche, Matcha Bonbon (a matcha shot with a layer or condensed milk) or the Matcha Limonada. For nibbling take a bite at their Matcha Alfajores (yes, Alfajores), Bundt Cakes, Matcha Acai Bowls and Chia Puddings, but the best of them all? You guessed it, the Matcha Pastelio with matcha white chocolate and cream cheese! #aydiosmio

Yoko Matcha is currently located in the Wynwood Yard but you can follow them at @YokoMatcha to catch them at their next red light!