Oh hey! Let me put down this donut..

Welcome to OneHungryyGirl- a place made so that you can to eat with your eyes while we’re constantly #nevernoteating. To tell you a little about ourselves, my name is Chanel and I am your true Miamian who has always had a taste for it all ,with a significant side of gluttony. Back in the 8th grade (YES, the 8th!), I fell head over heels for my lover, Marcello, who later became the Pizza God and master chef to my life. After years of bonding over food, it was only appropriate to begin sharing our love for food with others who felt the same. This blog is an account of all our favorite spots, new encounters, and gluttonous adventures. We hope that you enjoy our page as much as enjoy what were eating and we hope that you get a taste of it for yourselves too!

And by the way, we REALLY like pizza.

Yours Truly,

The Pizza Princess & Her Pizza God